Numerous transactions take place every day in one’s life. When these transactions become heavy and of high value, an individual may feel a shortage of funds. After all, there is no end to expenses but the income is more or less fixed monthly. A personal loan online is the best loan product to avail for an amazing experience of borrowing. Flexibility is there, as you can borrow a personal loan for unending needs that you can name. It is very important to consider the right usage of money and you must take in the best form of a loan. A personal loan is of various types. Though flexibility is universal, the types of loans are different and their working style is different too. So, when you think of borrowing you must always choose the right type of loan. If you have good eligibility criteria, you can open up opportunities and get approval for any type of instant personal loan. Applying for a loan has been easy with Clix Capital. From application to disbursement, the entire process is so smooth and hassle-free. Ace up your borrowing with the finest loan options.


Types of personal loan

  • Personal overdraft
  • Salary advance
  • EMI free personal loan


Before we delve into each of the types and understand their working, you should have a prominent knowledge about the personal loan. Once you understand how an instant personal loan works, it becomes very easy for you to decide.


What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is a perfect way to get hold of the quick fund in your account so that you can manage your instant needs and expectations. It will cover up all kinds of expenses and has no end usage restriction. The amount can be small or big depending upon your requirements. It is important for you to understand the eligibility criteria so that you can find it easy to approve your loan and get the best rates in the market. There is no need for collateral or security for an instant personal loan. It will help you with instant disbursement without any hurdle.


Personal overdraft loan- Know everything about it

A personal overdraft facility is a type of loan that comes with a pre-approved loan. This loan will come with a credit limit so that you can handle your expenses in the right way. This overdraft will not be a one-time disbursement but you will have an overdraft credit facility. It comes with a credit limit so that you can withdraw a number of funds as necessary. A personal overdraft loan will help in managing your expenses in the right order. Whatever the amount you use, the rate of interest will be charged on that particular amount. If you don’t use any amount you will not be paying any rate of interest for it. An overdraft is a perfect way to handle your emergency and expenses within time. It is an unsecured loan that does not have any collateral attached to it. You must go ahead with this if you have any small expenses to do. You should only withdraw the amount that you would need for expenses.


Salary advance loan- Know everything about it

A salary advance loan is a loan that you can take from your salary. The financial institutions offer Advance Salary Loan for 3-12 months. One can get 2.5x of their net monthly salary at a minimal interest rate. The loan is based on the EMI scheme and helps you repay the loan faster. If you are expecting your quarterly bonus or annual bonus soon, you can close this Personal Loan in less than a year by taking a loan for 3,6,9,12 months. It is a completely unsecured loan and one can handle this in the right way. If you want a quick solution and cannot wait for your salary day, go for this. This will not need a high credit score and the documentation is minimal. For an advance salary loan your eligibility criteria are not rigid because your employer confirms your economic stability.


EMI free loan- know everything about it

An EMI-free loan is a type of loan that comes with monthly interest payments and bullet payments from the principal amount in 3-6 months. There is no need for a fixed EMI payment under an EMI-free loan. You need to simply pay the interest monthly and the principal loan partly after 3 months and 6 months tenure. An EMI is a burden, and if your income is less this will be an ideal choice. If you need an EMI-free loan, you need to have a good credit score along with credit eligibility. Apply for a personal loan in Jaipur if you need one with Clix Capital.

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Wrapping up

Do you need a personal loan in Jaipur? Visit Clix Capital for better deals and quick approval. An instant personal loan is of various types, and you must choose after considering all the factors. It is easy to attain a good amount of funds when you rely on a personal loan online.

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