You surely want to reach the crux of any problem in the vehicle, but how do you know the diagnosis you made is accurate? Shockingly, many shops do not have access to the latest vehicle diagnostic tools or up-to-date software. Indeed, you do not want to be one of them who sublets the diagnostics and repair. It not only extends the repair length but also increases the cost. It can lead to reducing profits and frustrated clients.

Instead, ask yourself the following questions to make sure the diagnosis you offer are accurate and timely for the customer’s car.

Can Your Diagnostic Machine Access The Original Built Data?

In the vehicle diagnostics, the generic and original built data are the two ends of the spectrum. An accurate result isn’t possible when the manufacturer-specific fault codes vary with each car-maker. So, make sure the tool you use is offering relevant service based on the vehicles manufacture and the built data initially.

Is Data Licensed And Legal?

Often the car maker software is proprietary. Only licensed users have access to all the up-to-date information, including the latest models and bulletins. As a workshop owner, make sure the car diagnostic machine services you are getting are from licensed providers who use paid OEM subscriptions for their customers.

Are You Using Licensed OEM Versions For Vehicle Programming? 

It isn’t a good idea to get a copycat license to save money. It won’t take your workshop anywhere. If the software is not up-to-date or unlicensed, it can lead to ECU problems after reprogramming or reflashing. So, before offering the service, ask yourself, ‘Are you willing to compromise a customer’s vehicle with scant software?’

How Often Do You Do OEM Updates On Your Diagnostic Machine?

The aftermarket tools usually make the OEM updates in bulks, i.e. twice a year. However, it leaves a significant gap in the coverage, mainly if your workshop deals with the newer models. Plus, they also add extra charges with each update that is just too costly to handle. Choose a provider that updates as soon as any changes happen and do not charge an additional amount.

Is OEM Information Automatically Downloaded When Tool Is Connected?

A cheap car diagnostic scanner and tools will only provide the fault codes and read the live-stream data. The whole story isn’t put forward, so an accurate diagnosis is hard to make. If your diagnostic tool isn’t considering the OEM information of the vehicle, you will get inaccurate and incomplete data.



Do You Have Trained Technicians To Use The Diagnostic Equipment And OBD Scanner?

Constantly changing features and technology puts technicians at a significant disadvantage. It is hard to manage staying up-to-date and productive simultaneously, which leads to mistakes and time delays. The best diagnostic service providers like Core Diagnostics have qualified and certified technicians on board to provide accurate results remotely.

These are some of the things that should be considered if you want the best services for your customers while making a good profit. Cheap tools may seem like the only choice sometimes, but they won’t be able to keep up your workshop’s quality.

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