The process that we follow to plan, write and edit the web content is content writing. We have to use content writing skills typically for digital marketing. There are lots of benefits of content writing for writers. For example, you can use it to improve the SEO of your website. It is also the best way to move the customers along the sales funnel. The writers can also use these skills to boost conversion rates. You can also establish a brand as an industry leader. To learn content writing, you can get various courses. Here, we will discuss free content writing courses with certification. After getting these content writing courses, you can start a successful career.

Free Online Creative Writing Courses Bundle:

You can easily learn this free course on SkillShare. It is the best online platform to learn thousands of courses. You can easily learn these courses by watching videos. When you will watch the videos of this one of the best content writing courses, you can easily learn the basics of content writing. As a beginner, this course is helpful to you to know the ins and outs of content writing. If you are an advanced learner, this course will provide help to learn new techniques. To make the basics strong for the learners, they are focusing on some specific subjects. After learning this course, you will know the fundamentals of creative writing. You will also know how to write impactful openings.

Become a Better Blogger by SkillShare:

It is also one of the most popular free content writing courses on SkillShare. If you want to start your career as a blogger or influencer, it is one of the best content writing courses for you. When you are going to start a blog, you should know that you can easily create a blog. After creating the blog, you will have to maintain the content quality and engagement on the blog. It is one of the hardest parts of the blog. This course consists of 12 videos. After watching these videos, you will know how to become a successful blogger. If you will join this platform as a new user, you can also get access to some other courses for free.

Content Writing Certification by HubSpot:

If you want to take your content writing skills to the next level, this is one of the best content writing courses for you. After learning this course, you can easily develop a scalable content strategy for your business. It is also one of the best courses to turn visitors into leads. In this free course, you will learn lots of things. For example, you can get enough information about content planning. You can also get enough information about content creation. It is also the best course to gather enough information about promotions and analytics. While teaching the basic content writing skills, it will also add the professional edge. After completing this course, they allow you to evaluate your skills. For this reason, you will have to take online tests.

SEO Training by Udemy:

According to a dissertation writing firm, after taking some essential courses, you may know the basics of content writing. After knowing the basics of content writing, you will have to ace content writing skills in different genres. Here, we are discussing the SEO of the content. SEO and content marketing are closely integrated. If you will create the best SEO-oriented content, you can get a better ranking in the SERP. It is also the best way to drive a better-targeted readership to your blog. Eric Schwartzman is the developer of this free course. After watching the videos of this course, you will become an SEO expert. After becoming an SEO expert, you can easily take your business to the next level. When you will get success to show your posts in the SERPs, you can get the best results of your content.

Writing for the Web by Open2Study:

Frankie Madden is the developer of this free course. He is a senior consultant at Stamford Consultant. You can easily take this free course on Open2Study. It has become one of the ideal content writing courses for learners. After completing this course, you will get the certification of achievement. The learners will learn how to continuously hone their skills to be relevant in the market. For the innovation of the content ideas, you can brainstorm your writing skills. You can also take this course to learn how to create a compelling course for online readers. After taking this content writing course, you will learn how to repurpose the content to acquire leads. It is also the best course to know how to repurpose the content to acquire customers.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google:

Google has also started to hone the writing and digital marketing skills of its users. For this reason, Google has developed a free platform Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. The developers of this free course are The Open University and Advertising Bureau Europe. When you will go to take this course, you will find 26 modules of this course. The expert developers of Google have developed these modules of this course. In the modules, the learners will get free modules and practical exercises to hone their content writing skills. It is also the best course to learn and understand the basic metrics of digital marketing. Along with becoming the best content writer, you can also become the best content strategist. After completing this course, you will also get a certificate.


These are some informative and free content writing courses for the learners. If you are a serious learner, you must enroll in these courses. After completing these courses, you will get the certificates. They also allow the learners to take online tests to check their content writing skills. By showing these certificates, you can start a successful content writing career. After completing these courses, you can easily start your blog. On this blog, you can share informative videos. These are also the best courses to get an idea about the best SEO practices to get a higher ranking in the SERP. You can get enough education to make the work easier for the sales reps.

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