We all love freshly washed hair, don’t we? Some people love them so much that they keep on washing hair every other day, brush them, do a blow-dry, and use a variety of products to make it look stylish. The delicate hair, goes through different experiments on days, specifically when you decide to get a specific hairstyle or look. 


It may be seen as tempting in the beginning, but soon you begin to realize that they are going to the blowing path. From split ends to fractious frizz, hair starts looking dull and damaged as we get older. 


Fortunately, just some simple lifestyle changes can antipode the damage! What you have to do is to avoid making the mistakes that are your daily habits and replace them with some useful tips. 

  • Stop washing your hair every other day


Don’t wash your hair every other day but every 2-3 days instead. This reduces the risk of stripping essential oils from the hair that makes the hair shinier and healthier. Over washing is never a good option and is strictly prohibited if you want to keep your hair preserved. 


Some of us may have oily hair or scalp which raises the need of washing hair to get a dry look. You can go for a hydrating shampoo as well as a conditioner. 


What you can do is clean the hair with water, scrub the scalp, and apply conditioner to the ends of the hair; this is the right washing procedure. 

  • Don’t use too much conditioner

Conditioner should always be applied on the hair ends and not on the scalp. This will make you avoid slick strands. Also, take a small amount of conditioner and make it dispel throughout the hair. Don’t apply too much conditioner as it will only increase your expense without offering any extra benefit to your hair. 


Sulfate is the common cleansing agent present in almost every second shampoo. These are not good for your hair and make them dry. Some have also observed the dryness of skin, scalp, and fading of colour with the use of sulfate shampoos. To get rid of tangling, frizziness, and split ends, go for a sulfate-free shampoo. It does cleaning without making any damage to hairs.

  • Brushing the wet hair 


Never comb the wet hair as they break easily. Wet hair is shaky than dry hair and should be treated with special care. Brushing wet hair will force the knots apart and leads to breakage of hair. You should brush your hair and solve all the knots before hitting the shower. Moreover, use a wide-toothed comb to properly apply the conditioner on the ends. Using a comb from the bottom to the roots up for solving the tangles is suggested. 

  • Restricting the usage of heating tools 

We all use heating tools like straighteners and curlers to style our hair. But do you know how much damage they provide to your hair? A lot! Though the tools have flexible temperature settings, you should still avoid the use of tools as much as you can. Get natural Heatless curls without any damage to your hair with just some easy steps. If you can’t avoid its usage, take care of the temperature at least. Try out the normal temperature range and go high if it fails to give the desired result.


Rude hairs will make you go for higher temperatures than normal hair. You must use a heat protector when using any heating tools. Another tip is to never use the heating tools on wet hair as it can burn it.

  • Choosing the styling products 


You want to go for a style choice, but overdoing is not a suggested option to make an impact.  Styling of hair only requires 3 main products – a protectant, styling product like a mousse or anti-frizz cream, and a finishing product to get the final look. Be careful when you choose oil and creams for hair, and apply them from mid through ends.

  • Not going for haircuts 


Hair trimming is a must to get rid of split ends and damaged hair. However, the duration varies for every individual. Splint ends also restrict the normal growth of hair, so if you struggling with the hair growth, maybe it is time to get the hair trimmed. Not only split ends, but you can also get a stylish and trendy haircut, suiting your face. A good haircut can give you a natural hairstyle without much effort. You can also enjoy the new look with some elegant hair accessories such as hair scrunchie, bobby pins or hair clips. Be ready for a new look!


Bottom Lines 


Keeping your hair healthy and stylish is not a tough task; you don’t have to do much to get a cool look. Avoid too much heating products on hair, go for regular trimming sessions, and avoid daily hair wash unless your hair has to face excess sweat.  Restrict the use of chemical products and treatments to keep them protected. Don’t comb wet hair and do start every styling process when the hairs are dry. When you take good care of your hair, they will give you a vibrant look in return! 

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