Defining your target audience is the key part of any SEO campaign. With the wrong audience on target, you cannot achieve success. There will be no interest in your product or service among your audience. That is why it is important to target the right audience. But how can you define your target audience? How can you find who is your target customer?


Herewith the basic to advanced tactics, we are going to share with you the most useful ways to do it. You can define your target audience in simple ways. However it is a long process that is why we have divided it into three parts. So let’s begin with the first part.

PART 1: Start With The Basics: Demographics

Here in the first part, you have to start with the basics of the target audience. Every time you build a target audience strategy or database you start with the very basic step, Demographics. Knowing the demographics of your customers is very important. If you currently have some customers then you can easily find demographics. But what if you are defining the target audience for best SEO services from scratch? Well following ways will help you do this.

Gather Information With Free Stuff

You must be giving away some free stuff to people. It will help you gather a lot of information about the prospects. But before you give anything, be aware of some points. Choose the giveaway or free stuff relevant to your product. In return, you can ask some questions to the giveaway receivers. Everyone is not your customer who is receiving free stuff.

Use Forms

Use forms to ask a few questions. These questions will help you get the demographics of your customers. You will be asking them about their occupation, gender, spending behavior, location, living standard, etc. All these things are the demographics.

Make Database

Getting demographics is easy, but filtering and reusing it is not easy. You need some knowledge of database management for it. Simply use a spreadsheet in Excel to make a database about the demographics of your prospects.

PART 2: Direct Interaction

You are done with important part one. Now let’s head to the second part of the list. The second part is also helpful in gathering information about the prospects while defining the audience. But here you are not interacting with the customers via forms or give-away tactics. You will be using direct interaction with them. It will help you get an idea about their marketing and spending psychology. And you know that psychology matters a lot in marketing. Following are some tactics you can use.


Many companies can help you conduct surveys while defining the target audience for your SEO campaign. You can also conduct surveys directly on your own. Just make a survey section on your website and start asking.


Conducting interviews with existing customers is also a good idea. It will help you get a lot of information directly from the heart of your customers. It will be very helpful in defining the target audience.

Social Media

Using social media to interact with your target audience is also good. You can use social media to directly interact with your prospects to see if they are your target audience. But keep in mind that you have to ask questions related to your brand, product, or service.

PART 3: Gather Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is what you need in actuality for sales, revenue, and business growth. Your SEO strategy will bring more organic traffic to your website. But conversions are really important. Conversion comes only if you are targeting the right audience. You cannot define the right target audience without using a buyer persona. It is very important to gather more metrics about your customers other than just demographics. Following are some major buyer personas you may need.

Interest Relevance To Your Brand

Interests of your target audience are important to know. But are they relevant to your brand? Knowing the relevancy of the audience’s interest is important. You will get to know which interest of your audience relates better with the brand, product, or service.

Frequency Of Shopping Online

How many times does the customer buy online in a month? Such types of buyer personas are known as the frequency of shopping online. There are many other buyer personas that you may have to know related to the shopping and its frequency.

Followed Brands & Products

See which brands and products your prospects like. If they like your competitors then it means that they are your future customers. The following list of your prospects can be found on social media and other platforms.


Never make a mistake while defining your target audience for SEO. No matter how qualifying your SEO strategy is. If you have defined the wrong target audience, then there will be no good news for you. Because targeting the wrong audience is the biggest mistake that online businesses make. You can follow the simple and easy method to define the target audience for SEO. Or you can choose a suitable SEO packages that help you in choosing the right audiences.

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