Indeed, with a smart television, you will be able to enjoy the perfect range of entertainment and a luxurious viewing experience. Smart television has gone through a lot of advancement. Most of us want to have a 75 inch LED TV at home as it brings nifty features to the table, including web browsing, gaming, and the ability to stream media content. However, a smart television is more expensive than a regular television if you compare. When you compare you will find that the price of an old television is double or third times lower than a smart television. If you have an old traditional television, you can now turn it into a smart television. So, what is the best way to enjoy all content on your regular television without spending a huge amount of money on purchasing a smart television? Well, you need to consider a few steps and you can easily convert your television into a smart one, with the following steps below mentioned. These easy and simple steps will help you go for the right steps so that you can enjoy a perfect smart television mode in your old and traditional television model.

You need to start with the dongle fixing. A smart television works on the internet. You need to insert the connector to the HDMI port that is available on your Television. Also, if you find that your regular television does not have a port where the HDMI can be inserted, you need to get an HDMI RCA adaptor. This will help you get the best experience of viewing.

The dongle will also get one or two micro-USB ports, that you need to connect it with the USB port and then it will power on automatically. If you want you can also use a wall socket to power on the television. It will be done both ways. It is an easy way to connect it with the USB ports so that you will be able to connect and get the power. Make sure you counterpart all the dongle or USB ports and this will give you the best viewing experience.

Next, you will need to set up the source as HDMI using your TV’s remote. You’ll now be able to see the setup instructions on your screen. You will have to follow the instructions as provided on your television screen. When you follow this, it will help you with all the steps that are good to make your watching experience a perfect one.

Now, you can go ahead and download the Google Home app for Android/ iOS on your phone. This needs to be installed on your phone. Alternatively, you can also set your computer for casting on TV by following the instructions as offered by the platforms. When you download this, you will be able to get all the various games and applicants. It will have unlimited applications and games that you can access all the range of viewing modes and a perfect range of entertainment.

Open the Google Home app, and navigate to Account > Setup or Add > Set up device > Set up new devices in your home and wait for it to detect your Chromecast. This will help you pair and connect with the applications and accounts that you need to access. After it’s done with the detection, tap on Confirm and crosscheck the four-digit code visible on your TV.

After this, you need to select the WiFi networks that are available in your space. Male sure you open your WiFi search so that it is able to locate the right networks. As soon as it gets connected to the dongle, you are able to use Wi-Fi on your television, and do you feel your regular television is anymore regular? No, it is a smart television where you can access any content throughout the world

Get a soundbar: A television always impresses you with the picture quality but the sound is not so good. The old and traditional television produces flat sound, and you will need a Soundbar. A soundbar will help you with amazing sound quality so that no matter what content you watch, it is the best both in terms of picture and audio. When you make your old television a smart one, you also need to add the right soundbar for your home so that you can enjoy an amazing sound quality.

Finishing up

75 inch LED TV is one of the best ways to enjoy an amazing range of entertainment and get the right media and entertainment. If you are looking for a television that fits your living room in the right manner. If you go for a 43 inch LED smart TV for your home, it will be an amazing experience of viewing. You can enjoy all the modes of entertainment.

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