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With “fingerprinting” technology, Turnitin detects the sequence of word fragments that appear in a word file assignment help. This level of analysis uncovers word string matches but also considers the original sentences of those similarities to develop a fingerprint of the document. There are numerous ways by which technology can be used to detect plagiarized content. Whether it is Turnitin, Copyscape, or Grammarly, their functionality is more or less the same. There is no point in doubting this phenomenon. Though most students use plagiarism checker to detect the flaws and duplicity in their content, they don’t have an idea of how these checkers function.

How does the plagiarism tool scan for similarity percentage in the content?

Generally, there are four ways by which plagiarism checkers identify the similarity percentage in the content. The first approach is through keyword analysis Essay rewriter. Similar to the search engine, when you enter in a keyword, the software scrutinizes every web document to find matches of that word.

Another method to scan plagiarized text is to look at groups or strings of words. Here, the software doesn’t look at the individual words but searches for strings or sequences of words essay rewriter.

These two approaches can be pretty effective for detecting duplicate content. However, they have certain shortcomings that deserve mention. These methods can’t identify paraphrasing, especially where the meanings and ideas have been copied.

After knowing the shortcomings of these two approaches, the reviewers may think, ‘Is there any other approach that can bring precise results?’ Yes, there is a third way that is all about scanning for content matches by looking at the writing style and comparing the same to other documents homework help. It isn’t a stringent word-to-word analysis but a method that takes into account the frequency and probability of specific word sequences that may showcase in the document. Thereafter, the tool compares these words and phrases to other documents. It may sound precise, but there is a barrier, i.e., it fails to check the word-for-word matches.

To combat this phenomenon, plagiarism tools like Turnitin have come up with a document’s unique fingerprint and then compare that fingerprint to others. 

Every student must check the content through the lens of a plagiarism tool after its completion essay typer. It is not mandatory but desirable as copy-pasted assignments won’t bring you good marks. After reading the above blog, you must have understood the nuts and bolts of plagiarism software, and more importantly, their ways of operation.

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