In 2021, there you can see massive competition in the online field. Similarly, Instagram marketing is competitive, so it can be very challenging to grow a new brand. But it’s not impossible. In this post, I have covered all the proven marketing strategies and made hundreds of brands successful.

As you know that Instagram allows users to put only one clickable link in their bio section. So, I also like to define how you will make the best possible use of the single link in bio. Let’s proceed here to discuss the best Instagram marketing tips. 

Proven Instagram Marketing Tips for 2021

With over 1.6 billion active users, Instagram offers a dramatic reach for businesses and brands. Above all, the potential reach of Instagram marketing has increased to a high level this year- increasing by 76 M users. About 90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand or company. In addition, about 36% of B2B marketers or decision-makers use Instagram when they need to reach new products and services. 

Setup your Business account

Whether you want to promote your content or brand, you need to create an Instagram business account before starting. Creating an account is very straightforward. Open your Instagram app, sign-up for a new account. Create a username and password, fill in your profile and then follow the below instructions. 

  • Go to your profile and tap the hamburger icon
  • Tap setting and then account. 
  • Now tap Switch to a professional account.

A business account gives access to extra features you can’t avail in a personal account. These features are;

  • Instagram ads
  • IG shopping
  • IG insights
  • Primary and secondary messaging inboxes
  • Contact information
  • CTA button
Define your Goals

It’s very crucial to define your goals. Are you looking for brand awareness? Do you want to create an online presence of your brand? Are you looking to establish your brand as an industry leader? Are you looking to sell products? 

If you don’t know where you need an Instagram strategy to take your brand, your brand is unlikely to get there. 

Know your audience

Whether you’re using Instagram or any other social platform, knowing the audience is another essential marketing strategy for any brand or business. That’s why you must know who your audience will be, their expectations of your brand, their background, their interests, and more. 

You may have a question like why you need to know your audience? In a business marketing strategy, the aim is to motivate the audience or customers to take action to make your sales or get whatever you want. 

Above all, you should know what they like and dislike? Need? Want? What engagement will they require to make purchase decisions? So, it’s clear; you should know your audience first. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to convey your business message properly. 

Optimize your Profile

Put 150 characters that must define you, your brand, your interests, and your aims. Also, you need to convey your brand message so they understand why they should bother following your Instagram account. 

You can have only one clickable link in the bio section. I know you have many websites, social accounts, and other important links you want to share with your Instagram audience. There’re many Instagram links in bio tools allowing users to create free accounts to a personalized landing page to house their collection of links. 

LinkBook is one of the best Instagram link in bio tools. It allows users to create mobile-optimized landing pages 100% free. Once you create your page, you can host all your content, such as videos, images, blogs, affiliate links, website links, and many more. 

This bio tool integrates with Google Analytics and Mailchimp. In addition, it provides a free advanced link tracking facility, in-depth statistics, UTM parameters, animated links, scheduled links, and more. Above all, LinkBook offers custom domains. So, there are fewer chances of getting your link as being spammed or banned by Instagram. 

Create Visually appealing content

People love to know and read about visual things than any other text material. This is natural. In addition, Instagram is a visual medium so make sure to upload great-looking content. It doesn’t mean you should hire an expert photographer, but your photos and videos must be focus, sharp, well-lit, and well-composed. 

If you use images other than photos, like animations and infographics, make sure they are easy to read and eye-catchy. Above all, your visual content must be compelling. If your photos don’t tell a story, they’re not going to engage the audience.


 There is massive competition on Instagram marketing, so it can be challenging for anyone to promote their brand. Yes, it’s hard, but not impossible. If you follow the tips mentioned above, I’m sure your brand would stand out from the crowd. 


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