While scrolling through social platforms other than Instagram, we can see much spammy content like spam links in the comment section or posts’ captions. Due to this, Instagram allows users to have only a single clickable link in the bio section.

Like many people, you may have questions like: What if we have many links to share with our audience? Which link should we need to paste in the bio section, YouTube channel link? Or website link? Or anything else? 

But you don’t need to worry more because now you can share everything through your single bio link using the Instagram link in bio tools. I’m not talking nonsense; in this post, I will discuss some advanced bio tools.  

Advanced Instagram Link in Bio tools

Bio tools enable users to create landing pages to host all their content, such as videos, images, blog posts, product pages, website links, affiliate links, and many more. These tools are very straightforward and don’t require you to be an expert.

They need you to sign-up and create your landing page to house your content. Once you create a landing page, copy and paste its URL into your Instagram bio section. When the audience clicks it, they will be redirected to this specific page hosting all your content. Let’s here proceed to take a quick look at the following Instagram bio tools. 


This incredible Instagram bio tool offers premium features at zero cost. It allows you to create mini-websites or landing pages to house your multiple links, such as links for websites, affiliate blogs, Facebook pages, etc. Moreover, LinkBook allows you to supercharge your IG link on the bio page with GIF images and animated links. 

It provides tons of beautiful designs so that you can use to make your pages awesome. Above all, it has email integrations with Mailchimp. LinkBook comes with the following features;

  • It provides custom domains
  • Link scheduling
  • UTM parameters
  • Media embedding
  • Social embedding
  • In-depth statistics


If you’re using social media to promote your brand, your aim should be to drive traffic from Instagram to your website. Let’s take Instagram as an example; we’re not allowed to add clickable links to individual posts. So, the only option is that your Instagram link in the bio. 

You have the right to think about how we can promote multiple content with one static link? Do we need to swap the link every time we upload a new post or content? Shorby is an Instagram link in bio tool that helps you solve this pain point while also providing some excellent features. 

Using Shorby, you can even chat with your customers through various services that are great for customer service and lead generation. This bio tool enables users to create mobile-optimized micro landing pages. You can customize these pages to include:

  • Your fresh content
  • You can add your pillar content
  • Price list
  • Links to all your social media accounts

These micro landing pages are 100% mobile optimized that will give your audience a great experience. Moreover, Shorby allows you to create shortened links that automatically open phone calls or live chat. These links work with skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, and email. 


This link in the bio tool allows you to create personalized and branded landing pages or mini-website to house all your content. Tap.Bio works on a card-based system that has the potential to make your landing pages user-friendly. It provides the following features;

  • It offers a free basic plan with a card
  • Attractive designs
  • Each card comes with a custom background image
  • Short custom URL
  • A lot of customization option

However, its free plan is limited; it also has paid plans that start from $5 to $12. 


This is another excellent micro-landing page so you can host your content. It provides a user-friendly interface that helps users to get things quickly. Not only that, but it also includes custom domains and plenty of themes. Moreover, it has integrations with Mailchimp. Using ContactIn.Bio, you will enjoy the following features:

  • Free plan
  • Easy to setup
  • 8 different blocks

Sked link

They claim that they load your landing pages faster than any other bio tools out there. Sked link allows you to create a customized link so you can host your Instagram feed in it. It’s incredibly user-friendly and intuitive. But unfortunately, it does not offer as many customization options as compared to other Instagram links in bio tools. Let’s here proceed to take a quick look at its key features;

  • It has integration with Facebook pixel and Google analytics
  • It allows you to use custom CSS for extra configuration
  • Monitor the traffic being directed from IG


As mentioned above, if you’re running social platforms to promote your content, your primary goal should be to drive traffic and sales from Instagram to your website. But unfortunately, IG allows us to have only one clickable link in the bio section. So, the tools mentioned above would help you to get more from your single link in bio. 


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