Citations are an important part of the assignment writing, without which your professors will refuse to accept the task. Students use Harvard referencing generator or other citation tools to write the assignments. However, they lack basic insight into the referencing styles, format, etc.

In this blog, we will cover the various tips you need to grasp better referencing.

  1. Citation vs. Referencing

You should know the difference between a citation and a reference. Citation is a specific source you mention within the body where you validate a statement. The references are inserted in the list of sources you have cited.

  1. Rely on Coloured Highlighters

To avoid plagiarism, use coloured highlighters to distinguish your own ideas and thoughts from notes taken from other sources. This also comes in handy at the time of revision. If you cannot cite a source, rely on tools like Vancouver referencing generator.

  1. Look Out for Specifics of Sources

Keep in mind the edition of a book you’re reading; page numbers may differ from one edition to the next.If you cite a journal, check for the volume number, page number, etc., especially if you wish to use the APA referencing generator.

  1. Follow a Rigid Procedure

You must adhere to a rigid routine. While conducting research, jot down bibliographic information. It will help you keep track of the list of sources that you will use for your assignment. You will also not forget to use a source.

  1. Make Sure about the Referencing Style Required

Check your course manual to learn which citation style is required. Most universities follow the usual APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, and Vancouver referencing. If you are asked to use another style, you can seek essay writing service in Australia.

  1. Take Advantage of Google Scholar

Google Scholar’s citation tool provides examples of how you might cite the source. Before you use it, make sure you double-check the format. This is because it might not fit the format that was asked of you.

  1. Difference between References and Bibliography

A reference list should include all of the sources you cited in your assignment, but a bibliography should include all of the sources you consulted. In case of any dout you can go for essay writing help.

  1. Learn Citation via Examples

If you wish to get a good grasp of the referencing styles, you should pore through several examples, like reference lists, peer-reviewed journals, bibliographies, etc.

  1. Use Reference Management Software

To format your references list and in-text citations, use reference management software (such as EndNote or Mendeley).

  1. Proofread

Once you are done with the citation process, you should proofread it and check for formatting mistakes.

These are some of the tips that you must abide by. If you face any issue, always rely on tools like Harvard referencing generator.

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