A washing machine is a necessity for modern Indian families. Various household chores have been taken over by machines and technology. Gone are the days when women would get involved in household work. Couples are now working together to earn a good, comfortable lifestyle. Similarly, for doing laundry work, a washing machine has become essential. There are various types of washing machines available on the market from various brands with different technologies. It is okay to get suggestions or listen to feedback and reviews, but do not completely rely on them! You need a washing machine that meets your laundry needs. It is important for you to understand what your washing machine is and does for you! Make the right investment by going for the washing machine that meets your lifestyle. There are various factors that will come into play. Things like brands, features, affordability, types, and technologies will be important while you decide on the right laundry machine. If you have decided to buy the best fully automatic washing machine in India, you need to consider the below-mentioned factors. It helps you to find the right value for money and makes it easy for you to make a decision.

Types of washing machine

  • Front-load washing machine: A front-load washing machine is one that has an opening in the front. It is a little expensive in the beginning, but the energy efficiency rating will help with low power and electricity consumption. A front-load washer is meant for large and long wash cycles. It is good for large washing cycles. The maintenance is very low and the space it needs is very small and compact. The only con is that you need to bend every time you put your clothes inside. It deep cleans the clothes without causing any kind of damage to the fabric. A front-load washer is very helpful when it comes to washing expensive fabrics like silk, net, and embroidery.
  • Top load washing machine: A top-load washing machine is very affordable and cost-effective. This can easily fit into your budget without any stretch. It has an opening on the top, making it very convenient for you to use. This one is an ideal one for quick and shorter wash cycles. The capacity of washing is low, but the time taken is very instant. The water consumption is low and you can control the use of water. This comes with energy efficiency and you will save a lot on your electricity bills.
  • Fully automatic washing machine: A fully automatic washing machine is expensive and very popular in today’s modern families. When everyone in the home works, there is hardly time for any laundry work. A fully automatic washing machine does not need any human intervention apart from giving the clothes, detergent, and starting the machine. The entire washing cycle is automated and even the clothes are half-dried. The fully automatic washing machine is costly initially, but you can save a lot on bills because these models are energy efficient.
  • Semi-automatic washing machine: A semi-automatic washing machine will help you with automatic washing with few limitations. The entire process of automatic washing will be regulated and some of the parts of the washing will be done manually. In a semi-automatic washing machine, you need to put in the water manually and also change the water after washing and spinning. This is a good option for those who need automated washing at an affordable rate. It will help you meet your laundry needs without compromising on your budget. These models come with energy efficiency and you can handle your utility bills.

Factors to consider

Size: When you look for the right washing machine, make sure you choose the right size and capacity of the washing machine. When you choose the right machine size, you can easily do your laundry without overloading your machine. This will damage your clothes and also cause hurdles with the performance of the machine.

Brand: A brand like LG will help you get the best washing machine model. LG has a good collection of top-load and front-load washing machine models. You will have a wide collection of fully automatic washing machines and semi-automatic washing machines. The price range is also very affordable and comes with a good warranty.

When you invest in a washing machine, you need to make the right buy. Look for all the features that you will want and use. Do not invest in any machine that you will not use. Pay for the features that will enhance your washing needs. The features should be decided by you and not by any feedback or reviews.

Wrapping up

LG has some amazing best automatic washing machines in India. You will find an amazing collection of the best washing machines under 20000. It will help you with affordable models that easily fit into your budget. The online deals are more affordable than the retail rates.

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