There are several types of modern rugs available for sale and rental in Dubai. These rugs differ from traditional Persian rugs by their styles, patterns, and designs. They also vary from other Oriental-themed rugs by their shades, textures, and colors. However, they all tend to have the same end-user, which is, the beautification of buildings and homes. Rugs for home purposes are classified as interior/household rugs, outdoor rugs, medallion rugs, and monuments.

You can get any of these modern rugs in Dubai from hotels to shopkeepers’ stalls

The price ranges of the rugs Dubaivary from place to place. Most people prefer to buy them online, as the rugs are sold at discounted prices and you can avail yourself discounts up to fifty percent on the rug that you wish to buy. Most of the shops sell their rugs at competitive prices.

Rugs for home decoration are extremely popular in Dubai. Especially, the Burj Al Arab hotel has wall-to-wall carpets in various rooms. One can also see the vast carpeting of Jumeriah Beach in Dubai. The Burj Al Arab hotel offers the cheapest type of rug but they still manage to create an impressive visual effect for the tourists.

Rugs in Dubai are used both inside and outside the house for three-dimensional effects

Most hotels have modern rugs that they install in lobby areas and corridors. Outside Dubai, walls are also lined with the popular wool rugs. The desert state allows people to live without spending much money because there are many desert homes that are made from local materials and are given a two-tone finish. The rugs here are made from sheepskin. The rugs come in different shades and colors.

The rugs in Dubai have unique designs which are mainly produced from wool. They are usually decorated with metal beads and silver sequins. Rugs in Dubai have become a symbol of wealth and Dubai is recognized for its rugs. It does not matter whether you are looking for Oriental, Persian or African-style rugs in Dubai, you will surely find something according to your taste.

These days, the rugs in Dubai are made from synthetic materials

Many companies offer you the luxury of getting the rug custom-made for your home. You will be able to choose the size, color, pattern, design, and texture. The cost of such a custom rug is slightly higher than the normal rug.

People living near beaches can enjoy the beauty of the sand rugs located near the beach. There are so many rugs like this in Dubai. The Rooibos is particularly famous here. The Rooibos are especially popular in North Africa, although some people also call them Arabic rug or Moroccan rugs. In general, they are known as Arabic-style rugs or just Rugs.

You must know about how to take care of rugs in Dubai 

One of the most important things about rugs in Dubai is that you must know how to take care of them. If you want to protect them, you should place the rug in a dry area. This will allow them to maintain their great look. When you buy a rug in Dubai, you must make sure that you are buying the right one.

Many people are afraid of changing something so permanent such as a rug. But think of it this way, the modern rug has been used by different families in many different ways for centuries now. So if you buy one, you can easily use it in any way you want to. If you have a traditional rug in your home, you can simply change the design to fit your lifestyle. The modern rug is easy to maintain.

These rugs are available in many different colors, shapes, and styles

They are suitable for both inside and outside your home. And because they are machine washable, you can wash them with a few clicks of your mouse. They are ideal additions to any room in your home.


Modern rugs are made from materials that are durable and that last longer than traditional ones. They can withstand the elements and provide the necessary comfort. So if you are planning to decorate your home, try to invest in a few of these rugs. It will surely make your home look more appealing and modern. You just need to make sure that you buy high quality ones.

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